Internet of Things for Industry

"Accenture estimates the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) could add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030"

H5CONTROLS has developed and is delivering, a leading IIoT operating system, which brings greater functionality, lower cost of ownership, security and scalability across a range of industries.

Great for customers, disruptive for competition.

Our Solutions


The H5 CONTROLS system is designed to control any asset, person, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

H5CONTROLS operating system allows for the development of vertical solutions which can incorporate sensor networking, telecommunications/wireless communications and controllers.

Two such industry leading solutions developed on the H5CONTROLS operating system are:




Asset control, insights, comliance and governance

SENTRYH5 is an integrated facility management system operating in the cloud, secure and functional.

Manage assets such as door access control, intrusion detection, CCTV, duress, fire detection, plant equipment -anywhere, anytime from your own device.

In-built emergency controls, mustering, contact and communications, alarms and insights to events - be compliant and maintain governance.

Connect and control assets from single or multiple locations seamlessly anywhere, anytime


control, analytics, compliance and governance of people

PPLFlow (People, Property and Location Flow) provides streamlined mobilisation of Visitors, Contractors and Employees .

The platform provides portals for paperless data entry, approval processes and gives access to workplace assets through through RFID and smart device technology.

Role based workflows are customised for the procedures and policy's of any workplace to meet safe work and security requirements.



IoT engine/operating system, which controls any asset-person-software, anywhere on any device at anytime with a full data lake functionality, insights capabilities, asset control, tag-board and audit capabilities .

The H5CONTROLS solution is configured to meet the unique aspects of the organisation and accomodate the advent of new technologies and hardware.


We take our insights from those that know best :
our customers, partners, major consultancy orgnaisations

Some Customer achievements

Sydney, Melbourne, ( San Francisco)

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Major Consultancy and "BIG 4" firm

"Having experienced numerous site inductions during client visits, I can attest to the efficiency and greater control over the process that your solution can deliver. Your existing clients clearly have recognised this as well."

What a significant M&A and VC corporation had to say about our system

"Based on our initial research and information you have provided on H5 Controls, it would appear that you have developed a range of technology products , which as discussed in our prior meetings, are in the right sector to attract investors in the USA. We have not been able as yet to source any direct competitors offering a similar solution to what is offered by H5 Controls."


deploy an access and safety system controlling 1000+ people in less than 7 days  (Large Construction Site)

combine existing infrastructure and cloud saving 66% on a traditional system replacement  (High End Hotel)

reduce asset leakage by more than half  (Major Mining Operation)

save several thousand dollars per issue solved remotely  (Remote Kimberly Operation)

introduce a new product to market in less than a month  (PPLFlow Product Release)

design and implement Sim wireless backbone for remote area operations ( Major Mining Operation)

fax: 61 2 90 120 120

Sydney, Melbourne, ( San Francisco)

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